The network of district shopping centers "SMALL"

Maintaining a favorable ecological situation in the city and minimizing the negative impact on the environment is one of the priorities of the district shopping centers of the Small chain. We understand that we are responsible for the state of the environment and understand the need for the rational use of natural resources.
As part of its operating activities, SRTC LLC strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment, constantly working to improve environmental performance. Energy efficiency and sustainable use of natural resources are an integral part of our business strategy. Due to the fact that any shopping center is an object with higher energy, water, heat and air consumption than residential and office buildings, one of the most important areas of our company is to reduce the negative impact of our shopping centers on the environment and urban infrastructure, as well as reducing energy consumption.
We believe that only through joint efforts we can achieve significant results, which is why we actively interact with other companies, our tenants and partners, who also direct their efforts to addressing issues related to environmental pollution. For example, we support our tenants in every, even the smallest, step towards reducing waste. In particular, our tenant, the KFC in the Small “Proletarsky”, Small “Borisovsky” and Small “Biryulevsky”, abandoned plastic tubes and lids for glasses in favor of biodegradable ones. We support such initiatives and look forward to further improvement.